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GLAAD President Herndon Graddick Resigns After 13 Months

Herndon Graddick

Herndon Graddick

One of the nation’s largest and most known LGBT advocacy organizations is now searching for a new leader. GLAAD released a news release on Friday detailing the resignation of President Herndon Graddick who took over as president just 13 months ago. Herndon’s sudden resignation comes as a surprise to many in the LGBT community.
Under Graddick, GLAAD continued to become a major force as an advocate for LGBT issues both within communities and in the media. Some of those issues are the continual fight against the Boy Scouts of America with a primary focus on ending their ban on gay scouts and scout leaders and their strong, vocal leadership in the push for marriage equality throughout the country.
Without Graddick, GLAAD Board of Directors Chair Thom Reilly promises a continuance of the organization’s commitment in its fight for equality and wishes Herndon great success in his future endeavors.
“GLAAD is very grateful for Herndon’s work championing LGBT rights, especially his work on behalf of the trans community. On behalf of the entire organization, I want to wish him the best.”
Graddick took a leave of absence prior to the announcement and seems to be focused on returning to a more private life. He is grateful for the leadership experience he has gained with GLAAD and feels he is leaving it a stronger organization.
“I’m proud to leave GLAAD with a stronger, more efficient organization and an incredibly talented and experienced Board and staff. I’m happy the role I was able to play in advancing the need for our community to fully support the right of our transgender brothers and sisters.”
GLAAD’s Chief of Staff Dave Montez is now serving as Acting President and the GLAAD Board of Directors will schedule a meeting later this month to determine their next steps in finding a replacement for Graddick.
from The Examiner
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