GLAAD Targets National Geographic Over Boy Scouts Reality TV Show

Gay Boy ScoutsBoy Scouts may be tough, but can they be as tough as GLAAD?
The gay-rights group is upset over “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?,” a new reality competition series from the creators of he-man fare such as “The Deadliest Catch.” The show is due to premiere on the National Geographic Channel later this year.
GLAAD has tangled with Boy Scouts of America over policies forbidding gay leaders and members. The group last year reaffirmed its anti-gay ban after a two-year review of its policies.
GLAAD is upset that NatGeo is going ahead with the TV project and declining to criticize the Boy Scouts. The channel last week issued a statement that it appreciates “all points of view on the topic, but when people see our show they will realize it has nothing to do with this debate, and is in fact a competition series between individual scouts and civilians.”
GLAAD President Herndon Graddick wrote: “That National Geographic would brush aside countless gay teens suffering at the hands of the BSA, shrugging off injustice as just another ‘point of view,’ is irresponsible. By airing this program, National Geographic is providing support and publicity to an organization that harms young people simply because of who they are.”
from The Los Angeles Times


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